Our Story

How it began:

The year was 1991 and the distribution company that I worked for had just become another victim of bad entertainment at our annual Christmas party. Upon a suggestion by one of my supervisors, I asked the powers that be if we could do our own entertainment at our next event. They agreed and in 1992 the beginnings of my entertainment career began. In December of 1999, after performing for many people and numerous events, I left my distribution career and began my service as a full time DJ/Entertainer now provided quality entertainment for over 1500 events all over the Southeast.

Why Lifetime in the name?

Wedding DancingAs a hobby, I began, as many have, hosting parties and providing karaoke for events around the upstate. I called my company, Korporate Karaoke and off we went as weekend warriors. Someone once wrote. "If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much room." I always liked that saying and would add that you should "make a memory" everyday because that would be our enjoyment as we grew older, remembering the things we dared to do in years before. Memories will last a lifetime so upon a suggestion from a friend, we decided to drop the Korporate Karaoke and become Lifetime Entertainment.

What's with the logo?

Pure entertainment. Microphone in hand and ready to go. But not just any hand, Elvis Presley's left hand. If you use your imagination, maybe he is performing during the televised concert, "Aloha, from Hawaii." The raised pinky finger and extended thumb are shaping the Hawaiian sign for "aloha", one of Elvis' favorite gestures. There are five prominent stars to indicate that Lifetime Entertainment is a 5 Star company. We all like to associate ourselves with quality and the 5 Star rating is world renown. And lastly, "Making memories that last a lifetime" says it all. That is what Lifetime Entertainment is all about. Sharing our time together at your event to make a memory that we can cherish forever.


Over 21 years of service. I can play the hits or perform them if that is something that fits within your criteria. I like to bring personalities to the stage whether it is Elvis, Willie & Waylon, The Temptations, or even Tina Turner. I have found that having one of these "Stars" show up at an event and perform "live" helps everyone relax and enjoy themselves even more. Allowing your group to have a great experience is what 21 years of experience has taught me. Knowing when to play and what to play when; requires your entertainer to know his music and not become a librarian trying to find songs all night. Having a vast library of music means nothing if you cannot play appropriate music at the appropriate time. My 21 years of experience will ensure the right memory is captured by the right music. If you can trust the DJ/Entertainer with the microphone, you can be assured of a professional and fun event.

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John Johnson
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